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Simones Original Smoothies

Anti-Inflammatory Subscription

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7 Pack-ANTI-INFLAMMATORY SUBSCRIPTION:(Citrus Twist, Pinkie Thin, UnBeetable)

Are you looking for a way to make your health better? Are you looking to lose weight and improve your general health? Our Citrus Twist is your answer. Improve your immune function with all natural ingredients that improves fat burning with a holistic approach. This low GI blend is a perfect companion for Pinkie Thin, a smooth and creamy superfood cocktail with just the right amount of sweetness. It increases vasodilation to help blood pressure and adds soluble and insoluble fiber for digestive health. Then we throw in UnBEETABLE, the rainforest superfood berry acai and the pigment power of beets combine to make a light refreshing, yet nutrient dense taste. Great for the balancing of gut bacteria for IBS or diverticulitis. Improve your mood, lessen migraines, combat depression & decrease risk of brain degeneration. May prevent some cancers of the digestive system. Just thaw, shake, and drink as a breakfast meal replacement.