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Simones Original Smoothies

Weight Loss Enhancer Subscription

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WEIGHT LOSS ENHANCER SUBSCRIPTION:( Citrus Twist, Mean Green, Pinkie Thin, Tropical Breeze)

Weight loss is never easy. It requires commitment, hard work, and discipline. Our Weight Loss Enhancer program sets the foundation for change in 3 phases. First we will detox with the Mean Green and Citrus Twist, cleansing your body and balancing nutrients for maximum effect. Then we will continue to help you shed pounds through specific meal replacements with Citrus Twist and Pinkie Thin, using stored fat as fuel. Lastly, let's build lean muscle by increasing collagen production with Tropical Breeze and regular exercise. In just a few weeks, you'll see results, lose inches, feel lighter, and have more energy. We provide counseling to encourage and motivate you through this process. Let us help you make the change that gives you a healthier life!